Author Topic: Operating on the boundaries of controlled A/S  (Read 5159 times)

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Operating on the boundaries of controlled A/S
« on: July 31, 2011, 09:03:23 PM »

I am a helicopter pilot with a question for the Controllers.

Specifically,  I will be doing some operations in the future that require me to land in a field just under the shelf of Class C a/s; and relatively close to the lateral boundaries of the controlled sfc a/s.  I will remain under the shelf the whole time, and have no need for class C service/transition or VFR FF.  So, my question is, as controllers, would the preferred method be for me to contact App. Con. and tell them my intentions?  (obviously having to describe where I will be working in relation to the a/s)  or call the Class C twr direct and state my intentions.  Also, I will be in and out of this field a few times.

I know this seems a little elementary, but, this is my first time doing off airport ops, and all the other times I was airport to airport.

Any advice on off airport operations would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Operating on the boundaries of controlled A/S
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2011, 12:14:50 AM »
Generally speaking if you are not inside the confines of an area which requires you to contact ATC and you don't want FF then I don't want to hear from you. It's frustrating more often then it's helpful. However there are exceptions. Such as if you are in near an approach corridor. So your best bet would be to call the approach control on the phone to tell them exactly where you're going to be and find out what they prefer you to do.