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Dear participants of this forum!

As part of my Masters dissertation in the department of English Linguistics at the University of Regensburg/ Germany I require the assistance of active or former

•   air-traffic controllers
•   pilots of all descriptions (private and professional)
•   officials from aeronautical authorities and air carriers
•   student pilots

I would ask volunteers fitting at least one of the above criteria to give up a mere 20-30 minutes of their time and assist me with the data collection for my research by completing a questionnaire on potential communication problems with the use of English in aviation. A more detailed description of the project can be found on the web at Please click on the link entitled “SURVEY” and select the questionnaire in your preferred language (English or German).

Should you know any other persons who may be willing to complete the questionnaire, may I ask you to forward this message onto them.

Whether you can complete the questionnaire yourself and/or are able to disseminate this message to friends and colleagues – thank you very much!

With best regards,

Franz Rubenbauer