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Questions about EKCH
« on: September 28, 2015, 04:36:43 AM »
First thank you for greatly expanding EKCH.

I've been listening in this the early morning local time, and have questions about the feeds

I have not heard anything on the Tower (departures) frequency of 119.35

I hear arrivals on 118.45 approach, and they are told to switch over to tower, 118.10

the other tower frequency of 118.70 sounds like only departures. Is there a plan to add the other tower frequency?

The approach frequency of 119.80 sounds like a departure frequency I've heard traffic contacting this right after takeoff. Then I switch over to ESMS and can hear most east/south departures as they cross into Swedish airspace.

Both the Final and Departure feed freq are the same. 120.20

It would be great to have the secondary tower for arrivals and a ground frequency if possible. And in future a center/zulu. Eurocontrol next door in the Netherlands and this would be full coverage up to Sweden and Norway.

Thank you very much for this great service.