Author Topic: CYHZ - Halifax Stanfield - Will be down for a bit - site change  (Read 1095 times)

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To anyone that listens to CYHZ, just a note to let you know that I've lost the hosting site due to a sale of the property. I've lined up some other hosts and should get things up in the coming weeks. Signal strengths are going to be reduced, but hopefully will be agreeable to listen to. Actual coverage from ground level at the airfield will likely be weak so I may not be able to include that in the short-term lineup.

I'll be getting a single feed from a BCT-15 up and going fairly quickly with 135.300 (Moncton PAL Low), 119.200/128.550/118.700 (Dep/Arr), and 118.400 Tower. As mentioned, Ground may be a casualty at this site.

Hope to get the SDR lineup back up shortly after that:
121.000 ATIS
119.200 Dep/Arr
121.900 Ground
123.275 London Radio
123.950 Clearance Delivery
133.950 Moncton PAL High
135.300 Moncton PAL Low
118.400 Tower

Long range plan is to re-establish the whole site at another location that may, in fact, be better than the original one. I hope to actually expand the frequency offering too. Will see how that goes.

My apologies for the inconvenience.