Author Topic: TransAsia GE235 crash  (Read 9604 times)

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TransAsia GE235 crash
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:42:04 AM »
A TransAsia Airways ATR72-600, B22816, ditched in Keelung River after takeoff from Taipei Song Shan

Youtube videos of the crash

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Re: TransAsia GE235 crash
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2015, 09:13:44 PM »
Appears that the LEFT engine failed after take off :oops:Witnesses said that the plane turned to clear a building before crashing into the river. Bodies of the Captain and First Officer have just been recovered...RIP :cry:

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Re: TransAsia GE235 crash
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2015, 10:11:32 PM »
After reading the below passage, it appears that the initial problem developed on the #2 (Co-Pilot's side) engine, and for whatever reason, power was cut to the #1 engine. At one point, the passage below indicates BOTH props were feathered at the same time. This aircraft was producing little to no power for forward flight, and at the worst possible phase of flight for this to happen. The reason for power on #1 being cut is unclear at this point, given the initial indication is that the problem originated on #2...

"On Feb 6th 2015 Taiwan's ASC reported that the investigation so far determined from flight data and cockpit voice recorders: the aircraft received takeoff clearance at 10:51L, in the initial climb the aircraft was handed off to departure at 10:52:33L. At 10:52:38L at about 1200 feet MSL, 37 seconds after becoming airborne, a master warning activated related to the failure of the right hand engine, at 10:52:43L the left hand engine was throttled back and at 10:53:00L the crew began to discuss engine #1 had stalled. At 10:53:06L the right hand engine (engine #2) auto-feathered. At 10:53:12L a first stall warning occured and ceased at 10:53:18L. At 10:53:19L the crew discussed that engine #1 had already feathered, the fuel supply had already been cut to the engine and decided to attempt a restart of engine #1. Two seconds later another stall warning activated. At 10:53:34L the crew radioed "Mayday! Mayday! Engine flame out!", multiple attempts to restart the engines followed to no avail. At 10:54:34L a second master warning activated, 0.4 seconds later both recorders stopped recording.

Later the day Feb 6th 2015 the ASC also released an English version of the initial release detailing further that when the first master warning activated associated with the right hand engine the crew "called it out", then the left hand engine thrust lever was progressively retarded to flight idle. At 10:53:24L the condition lever was set to fuel shut off position resulting in the shut down of the left hand engine. Following several call outs to restart the left hand engine the parameters suggest the left hand engine was restarted at 10:54:20L, however, at 10:54:34L another master warning sounded, the CVR recorded unidentified sounds and both recorders stopped."

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