Author Topic: FFT3918 Attempts Landing at KISP with Zero Visibility and Closed Tower  (Read 791 times)

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On December 9, Frontier Flight 3918 (FFT3918), enroute from KPBI to KISP, attempted to land at KISP at around 00:15 (Dec 10) where the weather turned out to be well below minimums.  Also the tower was closed at the time (not a 24-hour tower) which, of course didn't help the situation.  The flight crew executed a missed approach due to the 0-0 conditions and eventually decided to divert to their alternate KPHL.  The flight landed there safely a short time later.  The flight finally left KPHL the next morning and arrived KISP at around 11:15 Dec.10

The attached audio file was made up using a number of different LiveATC feeds