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AAL802 going around in emergency
« on: August 20, 2006, 08:46:21 PM »
American 802 calls Montreal tower and is cleared to land on runway 06R. Shortly after, American crew tells the tower they're going around for a gear problem. They climb to 3 000 feet and they circle around Montreal during one hour until they decide to declare an emergency and land. They request runway 06L which is longer. It would never be given because it's rush hour and 06L is used for departures at this time (Bravo taxiway -the 06L parallel taxiway- is closed so landing aircraft on 06L must backtrack the runway - that's why they use 06L for departures at this time). Terminal offers them 06L but because of the backtrack thing, they keep 06R. They are finally cleared to land for a second time and they tell the tower that gear indications are now normal. Landing was a success. The very profesionnal crew and the great job done by the controllers probably helped to solve the situation.

Audio clip is quite long.. (12 min) I kept all AAL802 communications and added some communications around to show how controllers were busy at this time of the day.

Interesting page: