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Listener Forum / KJYO Feeds Crossed
« Last post by Entroper on August 31, 2021, 05:38:47 PM »
I think kjyo1_twr_ctaf and kjyo1_awos are stepping on each other.  I can hear pilot transmissions on the AWOS feed and I can hear the AWOS on the tower feed.
I wish her luck on her attempt, there aren't enough Belgians and women in the history of aviation! Still, does her plane have the necessary autonomy to fly over oceans or places like Siberia? Sure, she can stop in Iceland, Greenland and Canada when flying across the Atlantic, and land on islands when crossing the Pacific, but that's still no minor challenge.
Listener Forum / Re: Geneva frequencies missing
« Last post by Hiroari_Till_When? on August 31, 2021, 01:10:34 PM »
There have to be a lot of approach frequencies in Geneva, the region is packed full of airports, there are several major ones within 150 miles of Geneva, air traffic has to be really, really well monitored. Plus, you've got a lot of different air forces flying in the region, too!
Russian media confirmed afterwards that, sadly, the entire crew had died in the crash of the prototype.
Listener Forum / Re: KARB mp3 archives are often broken
« Last post by dave on August 31, 2021, 10:45:59 AM »
That feed is having a lot of connectivity issues. That's why.
Listener Forum / KARB mp3 archives are often broken
« Last post by varnav on August 31, 2021, 10:41:22 AM »
Files have weird time in them, some do not open after download, some are too short.

Good example is KARB2-Gnd-Twr-Aug-31-2021-1330Z.mp3
ARTCC/FIR/TRACON Maps / Re: new ZJX Charts
« Last post by rentkonim on August 31, 2021, 08:40:58 AM »
The ultra-high sectors as depicted on that ZMA chart don't seem to correspond to how the sectors are actually set up ? Maybe they have changed recently but in the not so distant past Sector 17 APOLO (ultra-high) and Sector 02 HOBEE (high) shared the same lateral boundary and were split vertically, not north/south as separate sectors as depicted. Same with Sector 18 ADOOR (high) and Sector 19 NUCAR (ultra-high).
They were damn lucky the plane was fully fueled and didn't have issues with that after the third unplanned for hour of flight... The $250 vouchers were quite a lousy way to get out of issue, too; the customers would have been better off with a $100 hotel voucher instead.
Pilot/Controller Forum / Ida bands headed to Atlanta
« Last post by KB4TEZ on August 31, 2021, 07:06:49 AM »
Some interesting conversations this morning on KATL approach, ahead of Ida.  Going to be an interesting morning in Atlanta.
Stay safe all !!!
Listener Forum / Re: Geneva frequencies missing
« Last post by thowe on August 30, 2021, 03:32:43 PM »
Meanwhile, two feeders are preparing to bring LSGG back online. I try to coordinate and support both.

Regarding the frequencies: I think the data you mentioned are the new channels in the 8kHz grid. I.e. these data can be entered exactly like that in the airplane and converted internally by the radio. But if you have to enter the effective frequency like RTLSDR, then the frequencies are sometimes different.

For this reason I would say that the effective frequencies are the following (according to AIP):

Code: [Select]
      freqs = ( 136.450, 136.250, 119.525, 130.550, 120.300, 131.325, 118.700, 119.900, 119.700, 121.675, 121.850, 121.750);
      labels = ( "Transit", "Arrival", "Departure", "Approach", "Final", "Departure Aux", "Tower", "Tower 2", "Tower/Ground Aux", "Ground", "Apron", "Apron Aux");
The feeders will contact you as soon as the setups are ready.
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