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You're welcome, and thank you!  It was before I was aware of liveatc.  That afternoon, I glanced at my ADSB app, and noticed 2 aircraft that appeared to be on top of each other, and guessed that it was one aircraft with 2 transponders.  I looked closer and saw that it was 2 aircraft.  That was about when AA2308 made the right turn.  I live about 1 1/2 miles west of the west downwind for DFW, and was able to glance out the window and see it part way through that turn.  My interest piqued, I started to investigate and analyze what happened...
Messy!  Great find.

Thanks as well for the timeline and map.
Ah I see.  I wasn't familiar with cross-coupling until now.  I guess the frequency listing is honest then.

(I'm now somewhat curious on how this is actually done.  It's clear from the change in audio quality that the 121.225 receiver is geographically far from the cross-coupled 134.575 transmitter.  What's the physical layer of the cross coupling?  The internet?  A dedicated line?  Anyways, I digress.)

I'm sure that this sort of cross-coupling labelling difficulty happens all over the site.  I'm a small fish here and don't want to rock the boat.  I don't think any labelling change is needed, unless there's some unifying effort to list this sort of stuff all across the site in a consistent way.

I'll just keep this with my other "ATC quirks" notes.  Thanks for the info!
However, listening today, I discovered that it also has 121.225.

It varies depending on how they have the sectors configured. In off peak times 134.575, 124.675 and 121.225 are combined with the option to have the frequencies cross-coupled as required. With pre-covid traffic volumes the 3 sectors were usually split during the daytime shift, so you are not going to hear that all the time. I suppose for accuracy they could label the feed "134.575 cross-coupled with 121.225 and 124.675 as required".
A little more information.  AA2308's tracks are in yellow, and AA380's are in red.  Their closest approach is circled in blue.  Both were on a heading of approximately 180 degrees.  AA2308 was climbing below and behind AA380, and was considerably faster.
Pilot/Controller Forum / Bird Strikes Increasing ?
« Last post by KB4TEZ on August 04, 2021, 09:29:44 AM »
I was looking around at some Airline Data, and can any one explain, why it seems to be bird strikes are on the rise?
and it's not just here in the U.S.

Incident   Tunis A320 at Tunis on Aug 1st 2021, bird strike
Incident   Airblue A321 at Lahore on Aug 2nd 2021, bird strike
Incident   Wizz A320 at Bourgas on Aug 2nd 2021, bird strike
Incident   Azul A20N at Sinop on Jul 31st 2021, bird strike
Incident   Easyjet A21N at Bristol on Jul 30th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Piedmont E145 at Dayton on Jul 28th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Commut E145 at Lafayette on Jul 28th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Sundair A320 at Dresden on Jul 27th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Allegiant A319 at McAllen on Jul 26th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Allegiant A319 at Syracuse on Jul 25th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Austrian E195 at Nuremberg on Jul 22nd 2021, bird strike
Incident   Allegiant A320 at St. Petersburg on Jul 21st 2021, bird strike
Incident   Brussels A319 at Brussels on Jul 8th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Baltic BCS3 at Manchester on Jul 7th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Lufthansa A20N at Tunis on Jun 29th 2021, bird strike
Incident   TAROM AT72 at Iasi on Jun 24th 2021, bird strike
Incident   SATA A320 at Funchal on Jun 20th 2011, flock of birds ingested by both engines, bird strike opens forward cargo door
Incident   TAP A21N at Praia on Jun 14th 2021, bird strike
Incident   France A319 at Paris on Jun 15th 2021, bird strike
Incident   SAS A20N at Umea on Jun 13th 2021, bird strike
Incident   AZAL A320 at Baku on Jun 12th 2021, rejected takeoff due to birdstrike
Incident   Delta B763 at Orlando on Jun 7th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Canadian North B732 at Yellowknife on May 29th 2021, bird strike
Incident   LATAM A320 at Joao Pessoa on Jun 6th 2021, bird strike
Incident   American B38M at Saint Vincent on Jun 5th 2021, rejected takeoff due to birdstrikes
Incident   Jetsmart A20N at Concepcion on May 27th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Aeroflot A20N at Novosibirsk on May 30th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Spirit A320 at Orlando on May 25th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Southwest B738 at Denver on May 26th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Max B733 at Kano on May 18th 2021, bird strike
Incident   AeroContractors B735 at Port Harcourt on May 17th 2021, bird strike on takeoff
Incident   France A319 at Marseille on May 17th 2021, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident   SAS A20N at Stockholm on May 17th 2021, bird strike
Incident   UPS B763 at Louisville on May 15th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Horizon DH8D at Seattle on May 12th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Copa B738 at Maracaibo on May 9th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Azul A20N at Rio de Janeiro on May 10th 2021, engine problems
Incident   Delta A320 at Atlanta on May 9th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Trade A320 at Ljubljana on May 9th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Allegiant A319 at Los Angeles on May 6th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Rossiya A319 at St. Petersburg on Apr 25th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Transavia France B738 at Monastir on Apr 24th 2021, bird strike
Incident   China Eastern B738 at Chongqing on Apr 22nd 2021, bird strike
Incident   Vietnam A321 at Thanh Hoa on Apr 21st 2021, bird strike
Incident   China Airlines A359 at Ho Chi Minh City on Apr 11th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Rossiya A319 at Sochi and St. Petersburg on Apr 17th 2021, bird strike
Incident   S7 A20N at Chelyabinsk on Apr 13th 2021, bird strike during takeoff run
Incident   Jazz DH8D at Nanaimo on Apr 5th 2021, the eagle has stricken
Incident   Skywest E175 at Pasco on Apr 12th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Skywest CRJ9 at Grand Forks on Apr 10th 2021, bird strike on landing
Incident   Spirit A320 at Atlantic City on Mar 30th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Delta B752 at Salt Lake City on Mar 30th 2021, bird strike
Accident   National Cargo B744 at Agadir on Mar 16th 2021, bird strike
Incident   Jetblue A21N at Fort Lauderdale on Mar 23rd 2021, bird strike
Incident   Qatar B773 at Doha on Mar 23rd 2021, tyre damage on departure
Incident   Commut E145 at Little Rock on Mar 21st 2021, bird strikes on approach
Accident   India Express AT72 at Dharamsala on Mar 20th 2021, bird strike
This recording is from the KDFW Reg Dep (West) recording from 3/1/21, 2230 UT.  It starts at about 224951Z.  Timeline:
~224955 - Controller directs "AA2391" to turn left "direct to JASPA".  This message is apparently intended for AA2891, which is about 14 miles west of the airport.  However, it is acknowledged by AA2308, which has just taken off from DFW.  AA2308 responds by pulling a full 180 degree turn, which places it in the West downwind for DFW arrivals.  AA2308 proceeds to climb behind AA380, an arrival from Seoul.  AA2308 also follows directions (intended for AA2891) to contact the Center, putting it on a different channel.
~225051 - Controller tries to contact AA2308, "American 2308, I don't know where you're heading right now, fly a heading of 270, maintain 10 thousand..."  The controller continues to attempt to contact AA2308.
~225154 - AA2308 is just under 1/2 mile behind AA380, and just under 1000 feet below.  Fortunately, AA2308 follows earlier directions to climb only to 10k ft, and levels off.  About this time, AA2308 finally responds to the directions to turn to 270 degrees, sharply turning right.
~225200 - AA2308 reestablishes contact, asking for the frequency.
~225426 - Controller tells AA2308 to go direct to JASPA, but requests that they remain on this frequency.
~225636 - A new controller tells AA2308 to contact Fort Worth Center.
Listener Forum / Re: CYYZ Arrival - Feed Seems OK but No Sound
« Last post by troygiorshev on August 03, 2021, 02:26:39 PM »
Would you mind linking the "other post" that this is being covered in?
Pilot/Controller Forum / South Florida Weather - Circle Circle Circle
« Last post by KB4TEZ on August 03, 2021, 01:30:32 PM »
Mother Nature not being very nice to South Florida for the second day in a row.
KPBI/KFLL/KMIA  the orchestration from ATC to the Pilots, still amazes me, so controlled !
Aviation Audio Clips / Dad and 4 year old make emergency landing in St. Lucie.
« Last post by KB4TEZ on August 03, 2021, 01:14:18 PM »

FORT PIERCE, Fla. (CBS12) — A pilot of a small plane and his 4-year-old son made an emergency landing in St. Lucie County after the engine on their small plane sputtered in mid-air.

The St. Lucie County Fire District said the plane landed near Glades Cutoff Road and NW Delcris Drive just after 11 a.m. on Monday. This is just southeast of I-95 and W. Midway Road near White City.

"About 15 minutes or so after we took off, we had some engine issues," said Adam Williams, the pilot who had to make the emergency landing Monday morning.

Williams and his son were flying above 2,200 feet in the sky at the time of the incident.

"When we started to go down and started turning, he realized something wasn’t quite right," said Williams, as he described his son's reaction. "So as I was talking to the tower controller, he grabbed my arm said 'daddy, daddy' and I can tell he was concerned." "There’s a shock factor that you experience as a pilot if something goes the wrong way," said Williams. "And it usually takes about 4 or 5 seconds for that 'oh crap moment' to hit you. You realize it and start making moves. And then I went back to my training. You have a couple of things that you do. You fly at a good speed, you find a good place to land. You do a checklist."  Pilot Adam Williams told Port St. Lucie Police the engine on his Cessna 140 sputtered then stopped at about 2,200 feet in the air.

Williams said the road appeared to be the best landing spot.

Williams was on his way to Boca Raton.

No one was hurt.

Williams, according to police, has been a pilot for nine years and runs his own flight school.
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