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The aircraft, N115DH, sustained minor damage subsequent to a runway excursion during landing at Oakland County International Airport (KPTK) in Pontiac, Michigan. The two persons onboard were uninjured.

Feed Outage/Status Reports / Re: CYHU FEED DOWN
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Problem resolved.
Feed Outage/Status Reports / CYHU FEED DOWN
« Last post by AirHighway on May 05, 2017, 07:32:48 AM »

Due to a modem issue failure with the ISP, this feed is presently down.

Expected return time between 13h and 17h EST today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Canada's TSB reported the aircraft landed with 800lbs of fuel remaining. Due to a fuel pump failure in Kugluktuk (the departure airport), the crew had been unable to take on fuel there.

At 2 min 30 seconds into the attached audio clip the pilot  explains the refueling problem was due to someone having tampered with the fuel pump.
There was a power outage due to the plane crash in the vicinity of the crash. The power outage took our receiver down.
There were no injures after a small plane crashed in Mukilteo on Tuesday afternoon.

The crash happened at Harbour Point Boulevard Southwest and Mukilteo Speedway.

The Federal Aviation Administration told KIRO 7 the aircraft was a single-engine Piper PA32 that crashed under unknown circumstances immediately after taking off from Runway 16R at nearby Paine Field.

Dashcam video found online:

I think this happened right around 2230Z, and unfortunately,  I couldn't find the audio from KPAE from 2230-2300Z/

By Mancow

Thanks for responding. The BC895XLT is a very capable scanner but lacks alpha tagging plus it only has 300 memories while the UHF aviation bandplan has 7,000 frequencies if you include the reallocated 380 MHz-399.975 MHz section. I found some commercial grade UHF aviation receivers on the internet but they cost as much as luxury cars & some are for sale only to authorized government agencies. I think I'll stick with a high end SDR & use the scanner plug in which scans the entire UHF bandplan in 1.5 seconds. I saw a Youtube video of it at Radioreference in the Military forum by Mancow. If I can find it again I'll post it, again, thanks & have a nice night.
Pilot/Controller Forum / Re: CIRCLE TO LAND
« Last post by Roodbwoye on May 01, 2017, 07:43:08 PM »
Thanks for your reply and thanks for the references. they were insightful.

We had an aircraft, on a circling maneuver,  wave off over the landing runway and requested from the tower to enter the downwind. The local controller put him in the downwind but the radar facility complained that the aircraft should've executed missed approach. The radar chief and myself (tower chief) presented our boss with references to support our cases which of course left our boss undecided. We are reaching our deadline to revisit the situation with our boss. 

I think I have enough information to advise my boss how to proceed with this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to help in this matter.
Aviation Audio Clips / 1 May: Fire in cargo diversion for Skywest flight 2936
« Last post by GeoffSM1 on May 01, 2017, 06:24:32 PM »
Skywest CRJ2 flight from Chicago O'Hare to Cedar Rapids diverts to Chicago DuPage airport.
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