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Listener Forum / KONT Feed New Antenna
« Last post by N6RFB on September 12, 2020, 02:34:23 PM »
Just switched my feed off my shared disconne to a dedicated DPD Productions VHF Air Vertical Base Antenna.  I have no way of measuring but to my ear it's improvement.  If you're one of the regular feed listeners let me know.....

Rich, N6RFB
ARTCC/FIR/TRACON Maps / Victor airways in USA
« Last post by dfs346 on September 11, 2020, 03:42:42 PM »
The FAA Historical Chronology 1926-1996 states "Jun 1, 1952: Forty-five thousand miles of very-high-frequency (omnirange) airways, referred to as "Victor" airways, were put in operation. Like the then existing 70,000 miles of Federally maintained low-frequency airways, the "Victor" routes were 10 statute miles in width."

So Victor airways originally had a width of 10 sm (8.68 nm). Today, the standard width is 8nm.

Does anyone know when the change in width occurred?
ARTCC/FIR/TRACON Maps / ZSE low altitude maps
« Last post by dfs346 on September 11, 2020, 03:49:26 AM »
Greetings from Romania. Here's (courtesy of Willamette Aviation) a map of the Seattle ARTCC (ZSE) low altitude sectors as of July 14, 1999. Does anyone  have a map of the ZSE low altitude sectors as of November 24, 1971? Or alternatively, any FAA document that affirms that the sector boundaries were the same in 1971 as in 1999? Thank you.
I looked for audio too, before I posted - I should have mentioned that, sorry!

Yes, there is checking the tanks during preflight - although I realize it is difficult to actually see into the tanks of a 172 - but still...  And then there is looking at the fuel gauges after you start the engine - also typically a good idea!  And maybe once or twice on the ground BEFORE you take off, just to be sure.  It is an older C172 (1963 vintage), so probably no fancy fuel totalizer, but a working fuel gauge is an FAA airworthiness requirement.  Maybe I'm just overly paranoid about running out of fuel, but my personal minimum is to never land with less than an hour of fuel remaining.  This guy took off with only 20 minutes of fuel in the tanks - not even legal.

I am assuming there were no extenuating circumstances like a fuel leak or mechanical problem or something because he took back off from the highway.  If there had been a problem, the plane should have been grounded, or at least repaired first, but it doesn't sound like that happened.
RIP, thoughts and prayers with the families.

Three airmen were killed in a plane crash in Tennessee on Tuesday, the Air National Guard said.The crash happened in McMinnville, Tennessee, about 75 miles southeast of Nashville.

The guard identified the victims as Lt. Col. Shelli Huether; Capt. Jessica Wright; and Senior Master Sgt. Scott Bumpus. All three were members of the Tennessee Air National Guard’s 118th Wing.he Air National Guard did not provide details of what caused the accident. A witness reported seeing the plane try to return to the airport before the crash, according to NBC Nashville affiliate WSMV. The three airmen were flying a Piper PA 28, licensed to the Lebanon Flying Club that left from the McMinnville airport, the National Transportation Safety Board said.

"Words cannot begin to explain the shock, grief, pain and dismay we feel having lost three remarkable members of our Guard family," Col. Todd Wiles, commander of the 118th Wing, said Wednesday in a press release. "All three were dedicated to the service of our nation. Their families are in our hearts and our prayers."

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee tweeted his condolences, saying Wednesday that he was "incredibly saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of three Airmen in yesterday's accident."
Usually, you would catch something like that on your pre-flight.

Looked for any audio, couldn't find any.
Listener Forum / KSAT approach - no audio
« Last post by jjbiv on September 10, 2020, 12:53:33 PM »
The KSAT approach feed is up but has not had any audio when I have checked during the last few days. KSAT tower, ground, and ZHU feeds are working as usual.
Here is a link to the "flight" (if you can call it that) on FlightAware:
It actually included the landing and subsequent takeoff from the highway all as one flight.

It looks like this guy took off from Sky Ranch airport, his home base, and headed out to the middle of nowhere for 15 minutes before he noticed the tanks were empty.  He then made a turn back toward his destination (KDKX), but didn't have enough fuel for the 10 minute flight back, so he landed on the highway - exactly 22 minutes after he took off.  He sat on the highway for an hour while someone brought him some fuel, then took off to fly the last 5 minutes to KDKX.

Half an hour later, it looks like he made the 8-minute flight back to Sky Ranch - presumably after filling the tanks this time!  Those two airports are literally 5 miles apart.

I ... just ... can't ... wrap my head around this one.  I am just glad everyone is ok and no metal was bent.  I'm guessing this guy will have an interesting conversation with the FAA soon...

The plane, a Cessna 172, had two passengers aboard in addition to the pilot. It was flying toward a South Knoxville airport when the pilot realized the plane would not have enough fuel to reach their destination, according to reports.

The aircraft was able to make a safe landing eastbound along interstate I-640 East around 10 a.m.

No vehicles were struck by the plane as it landed. The plane came to ground safely and without damage.

A friend of the pilot brought fuel back to the plane, and after refueling, the aircraft took off around an hour later.

The plane involved was a Cessna 172 that contains a pilot and two passengers. It took off from Sky Ranch Airport near Alcoa Highway en route to Island Home Airport in South Knoxville. Capt. D.J. Corcoran, who was at the helm, told Knoxville Fire Department that he realized he was running out of fuel to make it to his destination. Because of that, he decided to make an emergency landing on the highway to refuel
Aviation Audio Clips / Re: EIDW Bird Strike Pan Pan Pan
« Last post by cateyes_777 on September 07, 2020, 03:03:39 PM »
EIDW RJTT 2 of my favorites go to sleep listen. I follow UA23 EWR to DUB
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