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LAKE WORTH, Texas — A military training jet crashed Sunday in a neighborhood near Fort Worth, Texas, injuring the two pilots and damaging three homes but not seriously hurting anyone on the ground, authorities said.

Both pilots managed to eject from the plane before it crashed in Lake Worth, which is just west of Fort Worth, authorities said at a news conference.

"This incident could have been much worse knowing that this plane went down in a residential area," Lake Worth Fire Chief Ryan Arthur said of the crash, which was reported to authorities shortly before 11 a.m.

One of the pilots was electrocuted after being caught in power lines, Lake Worth police said in a statement, adding that "although badly burnt, the pilot was conscious, alert and breathing." Police said the the second pilot was found in a wooded area a short distance away. Both were taken to area hospitals.
The chief of naval air training in Corpus Christi, Texas said in a Facebook post Sunday evening that the instructor pilot was in stable condition, while the student naval aviator was in serious condition.

Police said that three people in the neighborhood sustained minor injuries, and at least one was taken to the hospital.

The jet was a Navy T-45C Goshawk assigned to Training Air Wing 2 at Naval Air Station Kingsville, about 420 miles south of Lake Worth, the chief of naval air training said in the post. The post says they were conducting a routine training flight that originated from the Corpus Christi International Airport, about 350 miles south of Lake Worth along the Gulf Coast.
Three homes were damaged and three residents of those homes were treated at the scene and released, the Fort Worth Fire Department said. The crash cut power to 44 homes in the area, and utility crews were working to restore it.

"We are incredibly fortunate that the plane crashed in the backyards of the homes and not the residences themselves," the Fort Worth department said.
Aviation Audio Clips / Re: AAY2601 landing gear problem at Boston 2021-09-19
« Last post by dbperry on September 20, 2021, 12:09:11 AM »
Entire incident audio (as much as I could find) attached. This audio file has:
  • comms with other traffic removed
  • blank space truncated
  • multiple frequency changes incorporated
  • some unintelligible comms not included
  • all comms in chronological order, as best as I could tell (frequency changes make it difficult to be 100% positive that it's all in order). For the exception see below

I'm guessing this entire file covers about an hour of total elapsed time. Starts at approximately 1030 EDT (1430 UTC); plane landed about 1058 EDT. Chatter on Tower frequency continued for a while to arrange for stairs to evacuate passengers.

Note that I've included one conversation snippet at the end of the file regarding the change in active runway and some instructions to shuffle departing aircraft around the field and away from the closed runway. This snippet is probably from right around the top of the hour, just after the plane landed, so it isn't in the correct sequence within the audio file. But it isn't comms with AAY2601 - I tried to keep all the AAY2601 comms together.

Really impressed with the professionalism of the aircrew and the ATC folks! Bravo Zulu!
Aviation Audio Clips / AAY2601 landing gear problem at Boston 2021-09-19
« Last post by dbperry on September 19, 2021, 10:34:05 PM »
Allegiant Air 2601 operating Knoxville TN -> Boston MA on Sunday 9/19/2021 executed a missed approach / go around on short final and eventually declared an emergency due to a right main landing gear not locked indication. The Airbus A320 landed and was evacuated on the runway via emergency stairs (not slides). Video from passengers on the ground show the right main landing gear at an odd angle with a blown tire. The plane remained on the runway for quite a few hours.

Here is the moment when the pilot declares an emergency. I'll upload more complete audio later.

I was first clued in when the plane flew over my house at an atypical altitude and heading... last Sunday we had a tanker and fighters circling my house for the Patriots game; today it's a jet in distress!

The B-2 Spirit was damaged on a runway in the incident at approximately 12:30 a.m., Jennifer Greene, a spokeswoman for the Air Force Global Strike Command, told Kansas City television station KMBC.

The bomber landed after an “in-flight malfunction” on a routine training mission, Greene said, according to the station.The Federal Aviation Administration temporarily restricted flights around the air base “to provide a safe environment for an accident investigation,” the station reported. “There were no personnel injuries and no fire associated with the landing,” Greene told the TV station. “The incident is under investigation and more information will be provided as it becomes available
Feed Outage/Status Reports / Re: KNUQ and ZOA 35 temporarily offline
« Last post by rentkonim on September 15, 2021, 04:21:52 AM »
I wish you success and I hope the down time will be less than a week.
Listener Forum / Re: CYYZ Arrival - Feed Seems OK but No Sound
« Last post by dmwalker on September 13, 2021, 02:24:20 PM »
I don't know how to do that but it is the post currently 25 below this one:    
CZYZ Toronto Centre - East Low
Started by autodude145

Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Re: Did I see a near miss?
« Last post by martyj19 on September 11, 2021, 06:30:03 PM »
There is nothing you should report if you are on the ground watching and you perceive that something was a near miss.  KMMU is a towered airport and you say it is daytime, so the tower was open and was controlling both the helicopter and the airplane.  It would be up to the aircrews to file a report, which from your description doesn't sound like it is anywhere close to meeting the criteria to be a near miss, and even so it isn't required by regulation.  From your description it would seem the helicopter executed a go around.  There's not enough information to know how the helicopter got in that position but remember the tower is controlling it, so unless it didn't follow instructions, the tower put it there.

In general there is no record made of VFR traffic beyond whatever is on the audio tapes for any ATC that they may have talked to.  The tower does count takeoffs and landings with a clicker as part of justifying the need for a control tower.

Not every aircraft is tracked on the web radar sites.  Usually IFR traffic will be (unless the owner has requested it be blacked out) and VFR traffic is less likely to be.

This site covers KMMU tower and if you looked back in the audio archives for the tower feed and you do it within 30 days and you get the local to UTC conversion correct, you could probably find the radio traffic.
Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Re: Did I see a near miss?
« Last post by NoobWannaBe on September 09, 2021, 07:58:18 PM »
I just looked at

and don't see any arrivals at around 5:15PM today.  does every plane & helicopter landing at the airport get logged?  Only IFR?  Is there a more detailed list?
Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Did I see a near miss?
« Last post by NoobWannaBe on September 09, 2021, 07:54:03 PM »
I'm 60. I was taking pilot lessons in college, but didn't stick with it.  Now I know that's just as well.  I have enough issues dealing with 2 dimensions! : )

Anyway. this afternoon coming out of a store, I looked out in the not so distance (I was 1 1/3 mile from start of runway)  and saw a prop plane on final approach to Morristown Municipal Airport KMMU in NJ.

and between him and me was a helicopter, that seemed to be veering away sharply from the prop plane's path...  Then a minute or so? later, I looked up again and see a helicopter in the distance, coming in to the runway (not sure if it was the same helicopter). 

Kinda seemed like the helicopter was taking a shortcut to get to the start of the runway, either because he didn't see the prop plane or thought he could get in front of it?  But then veered off when he saw it wasn't going to work.

I know about ADS-B feeding and seeing a plane's previous path.

Is there a way to see at a specific time (5:13PM today, 9-9-21) what was going on in a specific airspace?

Is there a way to hear the ATC feeds at that time for KMMU?

If you saw an incident / near miss, is there anything you can / should do to report it?  Or the pilots / ATC know about it already?

Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Re: A321 LINED UP WITH RUNWAY EDGE LIGHTS - Las Vegas
« Last post by tyketto on September 09, 2021, 06:42:03 PM »
Why the insistence on a line that doesn't matter so much can cause an accident for the Flight AA-2480. Perhaps more serious accidents could have occurred that endangered the lives of all occupants of the aircraft.

Because when you think about it, as they lined up on the Runway Edge Lights, if they deviated to the outside of those lights (read: not back onto the runway), they would have rolled off the runway, potentially causing a gear collapse, which could have endangered the lives of all occupants of the aircraft.

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