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Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Re: Plane crashes into home in Columbia and causes fire
« Last post by Rick108 on January 14, 2021, 09:09:02 AM »
I searched for audio from this incident, but no luck.  KCUB is non-towered, but there is a feed for the CTAF!  However, it's completely silent.  The approach frequency for KCUB is on the KCAE feed (pretty scratchy), and I do hear ATC vector N266DC onto the ILS into KCUB, but that's all.  A few minutes later ATC says something about an emergency to another aircraft, but there are no more transmissions to 6DC.  Very sad...
Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Plane crashes into home in Columbia and causes fire
« Last post by KB4TEZ on January 14, 2021, 07:25:42 AM »

A plane crashed in the Rosewood area of Columbia, striking at least one home on Wednesday morning.

The wreckage of the small plane smoldered in a yard while detached landing gear was strewn nearby.The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the plane that crashed was a single-engine Beechcraft BE-33. The plane’s tail number will be released after investigators confirm it at the scene, FAA spokesperson Kathleen Bergen said.

A Beechcraft BE-33 left Greenville at 9:59 a.m., and was traveling to Columbia, where it was scheduled to land at 10:43 a.m., according to Greenville Downtown Airport Director Joe Frasher. The crash was reported to the Columbia Fire Department at 10:34 a.m., Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins said.The crash happened close to the Jim Hamilton-LB Owens Airport, where officials believe the plane intended to land. The plane was believed to be traveling from Greenville to Columbia, according to Police Chief Skip Holbrook.

Messages left with the airport were not immediately returned.

Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Pilot Survives Unbelievable Plane Crash in New York
« Last post by KB4TEZ on January 13, 2021, 10:06:08 AM »
(video in the link above)
looking for any audio now.

A twin-engine Cessna plane crashed to the ground, luckily killing no one. The 57-year-old pilot knew something was wrong. He reported engine problems by radio, and tried flying back to Republic Airport, where his trip started. The plane crashed near a waste treatment facility, and had no passengers on board. The pilot is in serious condition, requiring surgeries and healing from broken bones, but hope to thank the first responders who rescued him from the plane. Inside Edition Digital’s TC Newman has the unbelievable footage.
Listener Forum / Re: West Pam Beach TFR & FLL Tower
« Last post by dave on January 12, 2021, 11:21:29 AM »
A belated thanks, Kel! We're still trying to find a new receiver site for West Palm.
Listener Forum / Re: Merida Mexico Additions
« Last post by dave on January 12, 2021, 11:20:51 AM »
it's not known whether they are active with the reduced flight volume due to COVID-19.

Sounds like they are active (11:00 EST). Very good reception range on this radio. SDR ? If you added 126.700/128.300 you would have most of the sectors to the southwest-west covered as well. Ideally as a stand alone combo 126.700/128.300 feed like what you have with the other ones.

Yes...this is from an SDR. I'll look at the config.....I think we only have 2-3 SDRs on this one and a USB audio interface for the scanner which handles local, IIRC.

A written threat made at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) prompted the evacuation of nearly 100 passengers aboard an inbound Southwest Airlines Boeing 737. Flight number WN2104 departed Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) at 11:00 Monday morning for the 4hr 10min flight to Baltimore.

Upon arrival, the plane taxied to a remote area of the airport and waited for local authorities to arrive, as is Southwest Airlines policy when dealing with this kind of incident. After assessing the threat’s nature, 95 passengers and six crew members were taken to the main terminal by bus.

We don’t know what was on the note
When answering a Fox News request for more information, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said:“Earlier this evening, the Crew onboard flight 2104 identified a written threat upon arrival into Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Our Crew followed protocol by notifying the appropriate authorities and moving the aircraft to a remote location while awaiting further instruction,” a spokeswoman for Southwest wrote via email. “The authorities promptly arrived and boarded the aircraft, safely transferring the 95 passengers and six Crewmembers to the airport terminal via buses.”Despite Fox News asking for information about exactly what was written on the note and how it was delivered to the crew, the airline did not comment except to say:

“We fully cooperated with authorities as they took extra precautionary measures to secure and thoroughly review the aircraft,” Southwest’s spokeswoman wrote. “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience; the safety of our employees and customers always remains our utmost priority.”

Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Ultralight aircraft crashes in South Jersey
« Last post by KB4TEZ on January 11, 2021, 03:20:15 PM »

story still unfolding, hoping Pilot is ok

Emergency responders are on the scene of an ultralight aircraft crash in South Jersey.

The small craft crashed around 12:45 p.m. in a wooded area near the 300 block of Tuckahoe Road in Franklin Township, Gloucester County. The scene is a quarter mile from Downstown Airport on Route 40.

Officials have not confirmed if anyone died. One person was on the craft, according to a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration.The agency referred questions about the crash to local authorities.

TV news helicopter footage shows the crumpled remains of the yellow aircraft among trees a short distance from a roadway lined with emergency vehicles.It’s not clear if the aircraft originated from the nearby airfield or was heading there. A call to the airport went to voicemail.

A spokesman for the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the agency was heading to the scene to assist in the investigation.

Ultralights are not considered aircraft by the FAA and it doesn’t investigate these crashes. These vehicles are not registered with the agency and pilots are not required to have federal certification.
thoughts with all the families

A passenger airplane crashed in the Java Sea in Indonesia on Saturday and search and rescue teams have said they found some of the debris."Sriwijaya Air flight #SJ182 lost more than 10.000 feet of altitude in less than one minute, about 4 minutes after departure from Jakarta," Flightradar24 tweeted Saturday morning.

Sixty-two people were on board the Sriwijaya Air flight en route from Jakarta to Pontianak in Indonesia, according to the airline. Sriwijaya Air confirmed the aircraft was manned by six active crew members. It had 40 adult passengers, 7 child passengers and three babies, with six extra crew members on board as passengers.Authorities confirmed all on board were Indonesian citizens.

The flight departed from Jakarta at 2:36 p.m. local time, according to FlightRadar24. It then climbed to a maximum altitude of 10,900 feet before it began a steep descent. The airline confirmed it lost contact with the plane at 2:40 p.m. local.

Authorities said at a press conference that the aircraft was initially delayed for around half an hour due to heavy rain.
« Last post by MIAMIATC on January 10, 2021, 01:37:26 PM »
Looking at my FR24 Tracker there is absolutely no air traffic oer 18k FT in the ENTIRE AIRSPACE
Listener Forum / Re: JFK Controller
« Last post by kitsaber691 on January 09, 2021, 12:45:13 AM »
Does anyone know what happened to the female controller with the Polish accent and very friendly voice?

I always enjoyed hearing her greet LOT pilots in Polish on frequency. I haven't listened much to KJFK during COVID, but she seemed to be primarily on duty late at night.
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