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Feed Setup Pictures / KAUS (#1) feeds setup
« Last post by flunkat on Today at 04:29:26 PM »
My setup for KAUS #1 feeds. Mix of SDRs and Bearcat BC355N radios.

Washington (CNN Business)AT&T announced Tuesday that it would delay activating 5G on some towers around certain airports. The wireless technology's rollout near major airports had been scheduled for Wednesday, but airlines warned of dire consequences for transportation and the economy.

The wireless company made the announcement as it works with the aviation industry and the US Federal Aviation Administration for further information, according to a statement from AT&T spokesperson Megan Ketterer.
"We are frustrated by the FAA's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, which is to safely deploy 5G technology without disrupting aviation services, and we urge it do so in a timely manner," the spokeswoman said.
AT&T (T), which owns CNN's parent company, will continue to launch advanced 5G services everywhere else as planned.

The Biden administration said earlier Wednesday it was "actively engaged" in finding a solution to Wednesday's planned 5G rollout that airlines say cause safety problems that will lead to major flight delays.A White House official tells CNN that the administration is talking with the FAA, Federal Communications Commission, wireless carriers, airlines and aircraft equipment manufacturers to find a solution that still allows the rollout without sacrificing the safety of flights.

In a Tuesday letter, CEOs from 10 airlines told the Biden administration to push back the already-delayed rollout. Airlines estimate 1,000 flight disruptions per day because of possible interference with radar altimeters that pilots use to land in low visibility conditions. The telecom industry has not commented on the letter, but has said fears are unfounded since there have not been problems in other countries where 5G is already deployed.
A source familiar with the discussions tells CNN that right now talks are centering on establishing a buffer at key airports, allowing roughly 90% of 5G towers to be deployed. If agreed to, officials predict the cancellations could be avoided and impacts to the traveling public -- while not eliminated -- would be reduced.
Listener Forum / KPHF
« Last post by SkyHawk68A on Today at 11:48:35 AM »
Is there a way to remove Norfolk's (KORF) frequencies from the KPHF (Newport News Ground/Tower) channel? It often gets garbled with the local traffic on this station. And many times, doesn't even broadcast KPHF's traffic and only does KORF.

Aviation News (General) / 5G - This is getting intense -
« Last post by KB4TEZ on Today at 06:53:02 AM »

The airline industry on Monday called on the Biden administration to block any 5G wireless transmission within a two mile radius of airport runways, citing the potential for thousands of flight cancellations and disruptions once the technology is switched on in just days.
Airlines for America, which represents most of the airline and cargo industry, warned that the 5G activation set to go live Wednesday will disrupt thousands of passengers and cargo shipments despite workarounds put into place by the Federal Aviation Administration to minimize interference where possible.
A letter obtained by POLITICO, calling for the action was signed by CEOs of Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, FedEx and UPS’ airline units, among others, as well as the head of A4A.

“Immediate intervention is needed to avoid significant operational disruption to air passengers, shippers, supply chain and delivery of needed medical supplies” such as vaccines, the officials said in the letter, addressed to National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, Federal Communications Commission Chair Jessica Rosenworcel, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and FAA Administrator Steve Dickson.

The letter urged the officials to “take whatever action necessary” to make sure that 5G is not deployed in places where air traffic control towers are too close to runways, until the FAA can figure out how it “can be safely accomplished without catastrophic disruption.”

The CEOs said that airplane manufacturers have told them that absent remediations, “huge swaths of the operating fleet that may need to be indefinitely grounded” and that tens of thousands of Americans could get stranded overseas.

Airline executives say 5G rollout will cause significant flight disruptions---------------------------WASHINGTON (TND) — The countdown to what airline executives are calling a “catastrophic” crisis is on.

On Wednesday, AT&T and Verizon will roll out the first 5G C-band towers and airlines say the service could make a large number of airplanes unusable, stranding travelers and worsening supply chain issues.

The Federal Aviation Administration says instruments like altimeters, which measure an aircraft’s distance from the ground, may be affected by 5G interference as well as low-visibility operations.

So far, only 45% of commercial planes have been cleared to perform low-visibility landings at airports near new 5G towers. The FAA says the move opens up runways at as many as 48 of the 88 airports most directly affected by interference.   But airlines say that does not include many major hubs.

"Even with the approvals granted by the FAA today, U.S. airlines will not be able to operate the vast majority of passenger and cargo flights due to the FAA's 5G-related flight restrictions unless action is taken prior to the planned Jan. 19 rollout," said trade group Airlines for America, which represents several major airlines.

In a letter to federal officials obtained by Politico, Airlines for America said, “The ripple effects across both passenger and cargo operations, our workforce and the broader economy are simply incalculable. Every one of the passenger and cargo carriers will be struggling to get people, shipments, planes and crews where they need to be. To be blunt, the nation’s commerce will grind to a halt.”
Aviation Audio Clips / Re: AA58
« Last post by KB4TEZ on January 17, 2022, 06:38:38 AM »

Looking at FlightAware, I suspect the aircraft involved was N1959X, which departed from KBMC not long before this incident, and is listed as "landing" there shortly thereafter.  This coincides with the rough shapes of the obscured tail number on the aircraft photos released by Utah Highway Patrol.  Worth noting that the exit listed by UHP in their tweet (#365 on I-15) is just off the approach end of runway 35 at KBMC.  EDIT: I'm going to retract my statement about the suspected tail number of the aircraft involved.  Looking at the flight data for the aircraft I originally called out, I don't think my assumption about who was involved was accurate (nor is the assumption made by the Fox 13, where I sourced that assumption originally).  I won't speculate further without more data on this point.

KBMC is an untowered aiport, and there aren't any feeds for it that I can find here at LiveATC.  I listened to the KSLC feed that appears to have that TRACON, but heard nothing, and KOGD (which is closer) didn't have anything either, but it doesn't list anything but its own Tower and Ground frequencies anyway.
So, quick update. finally, our friend vasaviation posted two videos of the landing geer situation that i posted about.
 while i am here i might as well let Davie know that on the Milwaukee tower frequency half way in the first video, you could no longer hear the controller. no controller on the tower frequency during the entire second video. might need some work done at the feed site.
Listener Forum / Re: KDCA
« Last post by rickdalton on January 16, 2022, 10:45:32 AM »
Yeah I noticed they've been gone since at least mid-December '21. Bummer. I hope they come back soon. The quality of the tower / approach stream is also worse than it used to be.
Listener Forum / Re: Frequency Request - ZAU
« Last post by avgeek123 on January 15, 2022, 08:17:00 PM »
Just as a followup the equipment has been procured, delivered, and set up for ZAU Sector 45 Roberts High:

Enjoy listening.

Thank you so much, dave. I really appreciate it. Also, with 119.225, that is the Lincoln sector and should be the only frequency they use.
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