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Re: What could I do now
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What helped me a lot and saved money is Flight SimulatorX on my home computer. I am able to workout problems, redo, correct myself, start all over.
Also Garmin has some really nice downloadable GPS Simulators that are really nice. And there are some training videos available too.

Cuts down your need for ground school and flight time. And represents $$$ savings to you, not to mention frustration level. Many times I was able to work out a problem on my own. I think many times with the instructor my brains just got full and I could relax at home and work out a solution at my own pace and time.

We all reach a level of learning where we just do not progress. Sometimes a fun flight for a " $100 Hamburger " will help.

Hang in there! It will come in time. " If it were easy everybody would be doing it "   :wink:

Hope this helps

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Re: What could I do now
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I would try to hop in the same type of airplane, but with the old round gauges in it and a garmin gps. i don't know that airplane but if it has the g 1000 in it a garmin 430 with the moving map is similar(someone correct me if i am wrong on that.) If you cant get the exact type of plane try flying a different one..... I was told most small planes only have minor difference in flight characteristics.....Hop in an archer or a skyhawk. Flying w/ all conventional gauges should help with your problem. The only bad thing is that far into training most CFI's will be hell bent on keeping you in the same plane you will be taking the test in. I'm told that with the 430 most of the button pushing is the same as in the g 1000. I was told that because at the flight school I'm at the g 1000 plane was down. We were going to fly one w/ the 430 in it but that timed out on the 100 hour. So we waited the extra day for g 1000 to be back in service. Anyone w/ better knowledge on the 430 let me know if I'm wrong.