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United Pilot kudo - Story via LinkedIn
« on: July 15, 2021, 12:04:23 PM »
Always nice to here something positive when it comes to airline travel, seems to be pretty negative lately.
grabbed this story from my LinkedIn feed.

My family’s flight home from the east coast yesterday should have been uneventful. We were excited to arrive at 8:15pm AZ time, gaining three hours. That did not happen. We were on the plane and off the plane for six hours, due to a thunderstorm, followed by plane maintenance disallowing us to take off. The attendant crew was changed out during our wait, because they were going into unauthorized time. The pilot was on a different schedule, but timed out at 12:30am. He kept us informed the entire time and never faltered from optimism that we would make it to our destination on that flight. He allowed the kids to go into the cockpit and championed the maintenance issues himself with the graveyard crew left at EWR. He lead the flight crew, kept his passengers calm, and went out of his way, going on extended time to get us home. We left the tarmac shortly after 1am ET. When we de-boarded I looked him in the eye and thanked him so very much for all he did. I can only hope others did the same.
Though we touched down a bit after 3am AZ time I will always remember this flight as a positive, showing one of the finest examples of leadership I have ever seen.
Thank you to the pilot and crew of United Airlines flight 2226.