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Taxyway Qubeq and Q1.
« on: May 21, 2010, 07:08:28 PM »
I am an overseas operating pilot flying into Asia/Europe/Africa/Latin America and USA.

Generally ATC take into consideration this aspect when issuing instructions particularly on the airfield as the operating pilot may not be fully familiar with current and or changed conditions since last operating into the airfield.

LAX currently has numerous closed taxyways listed in international NOTAM's and in our operating Jepps Manuals, taxyway "Q" is fully closed between "D" and "C", leaving only "S" as the available taxyway north/south.

Upon arrival yesterday 20th May, and upon vacating 25L we were given cross 25R to "C" and call gnd on (120.35) an unlisted freq on our plates so that created  initial ??. By this time we are quickly onto "C" and finally able to get a word in (still moving off "P").

New gnd freq issues instruction in "rapid fire"-  "XXxx, taxy "C", x, hold Q1 call gnd 121.65 approaching".
Based on our Jepp closure of "Q" and seeing a twin Turbo prop proceeding north on "S" we are passed "Q" so turn up "S", hold short of marker "Q1" sight board and call gnd north (121.65) who clears us via "E","D" to gate. Shortly after he questions whether we had been told to taxy "Q" hold "Q1".

My comment is:
1. Generally ATC controllers have been more cautious in ensuring foreign operators get the instructions
clearly at LAX.
2. As an Accident Investigator and fully aware of issues such as Runway infrigements etc it grinds that we missed the "Q" taxy instruction but equally that the controller in his haste didn't enunciate it better and correct our readback of "C" to "Q1" (infered by "S" because "Q" out on Jepp Charts and other tarffic northbound on "S").

This comment is not for critisim but as a timely reminder that not all airfield users are day to day operators familiar with the locally changing situation.

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Re: Taxyway Qubeq and Q1.
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 04:48:25 PM »
As a controller at LAX, I completely agree with you. Clear, concise, communication is our job. The 120.35 freq was probably issued due to a stuck mic on 121.75. For a while we were issuing Q short of Q1 due to the closure of Q between Q1 and D. I always stress "chunking" information to my students while issuing control instructions. I'll be the first to admit that there are a few controllers here who spit out instructions in a rapid-fire manner. This is not effective communication, especially when directed toward a foreign carrier.

Don't worry though... Plenty of aircraft turned up S instead of Q.