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Good Job Controllers
« on: December 14, 2011, 03:34:16 PM »
I leave LiveATC on in the background of my computer when I am at work so I can casually listen in throughout the day. Today I decided to listen to KBAF (Barnes Municipal Airport) on a whim. I usually only listen to ATC in my area (Baltimore, Lancaster, Phili, etc) At some point during the day, my ears suddenly perked up when I heard "there are a pair of F-15s on final for runway 20" At the same time, I heard a very very nervous student pilot entering the pattern. I took a break for about 15 minutes to listen to the exchange between ATC, the F-15s, and the student. I want to say "great job" to the controller as he handled the fast pace happening between the nervous and slightly confused student pilot and the fast moving F-15s. He handled it like a champ and had lots and lots of patience. You never once lost your composure. I remember back when I was a student pilot learning at BWI, my flight went a lot smoother when I got an ATC that was courteous, helpful, and patient with all my mistakes while simultaneously trying to land A330s, 737s.

Thanks to all the controllers out there! Us pilots really do appreciate all your hard work and professionalism even when us young pilots get overwhelmed with the business of flying, navigating, and talking to busy controllers.

I encourage everyone who has a story of when an ATC stayed calm, collected, and professional despite our mistakes to share their stories here. Or any ATC stories of pilots.