Author Topic: Question about FAR 61.73 Military pilots, history and funding  (Read 7610 times)

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Does anyone know the history of when you jointed the military here in the united states and you served as a pilot. Was it always when you were discharged you had to convert it over to civilian license to exercise the private of the commercial certificate, or was there a time period where you could leave the armed service without seeing an Designated Pilot examiner and exercise the privileges of the commercial certificate.

Someone told me from Kings schools in CA that someone can sign up for the air force with a commercial rating and fly their aircraft without a college degree?

I read in the web page from ATP flight school that the G.I. Bill no longer covers flight training is that all of flight training. From what I heard the history of G.I. Bill when it comes to fund flight training is the private was all on your own and you paid that out of pocket, for instrument you were paid 60% there after i.e. Instrument, multi, and commercial. Now what does the G.I. Bill cover if at all?

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Re: Question about FAR 61.73 Military pilots, history and funding
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Post 9/11 GI Bill...  Call UND at Williams Gateway Airport (iwa) in Mesa Arizona and they will take you from student to CFII, or until the money runs out lol.