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Question About Cracked Windshields


A few days ago TAP207, an Airbus A330, was cruising over the Atlantic at FL390 enroute to KEWR.  They were about 2 hours into the flight when the pilot-side windshield developed a crack.  The flight crew decided to turn around and go back to Lisbon which makes sense.  But apparently they continued back to Lisbon at FL390 with a cracked windshield.  So, I'm just wondering, doesn't a crack in the windshield affect the integrity of that windshield?  Wouldn't there be a greater risk of the windshield failing completely because of the pressure differential at that altitude?  Obviously the crew knew it was no issue or else they would have descended to a lower altitude.  Just wondering....


From the A330 QRH.

Thanks Jet, that answers my question 👍


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