Author Topic: Question on what happens if a domestic flight within Canada diverts to the US  (Read 11693 times)

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If there are any commercial pilot on this forum, I'd your help with this question: If a domestic flight within Canada needs to divert to an alternate airport that is located in the US, what would happen to those passengers who are on that domestic flight that did not have a passport once landed in the US?

A context to the above question
On January 11, Air Canada 452 was doing a holding pattern at waypoint LANRK (as listed in the Captial Two STAR) due to fog in Ottawa, the controller from Montreal Centre took the opportunity to ask the pilot on that issue. The response from the pilot was unreadable - the edited audio that I'm attaching was extracted from the CYOW feed, January 11 at 19:00Z.

The controller who asked the question was most likely referring to Air Canada 466, flight from Toronto (CYYZ) to Ottawa (CYOW) that diverted to Boston on January 5 because of freezing rain. The next day it returned to Ottawa from Boston as Air Canada 2066.

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They probably call in Customs if it will be overnight, keep them in the plane if just for a short while, or hold them for ransom if in Iran or Nigeria.

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They're here illegally and get deported via the next available flight heading to their originally planned destination?  :-D

But before that I would confiscate all their April Wine CDs and Molson beer.  :-D