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OK i know and fully understand that, trust me i do. i acted irresponsibly in the fact that i called the airport insight when i did. the other factors would not have even been there if i didn't do that. so as i said before I'm in full understanding that i messed up.

im just gonna peep in here and say i see pilots do this ALL the time
i've even seen carriers flying 757's line up for the wrong runway on a visual approach

its really not a big deal...and since you realized it all is well..

as for filing a NASA form...i don't know...the others on here know quite a bit about that

That was my thought but it was a silly mistake........i should know better! thanks

If you don't mind beating a dead horse, I would really like to hear the details of the situation and what you thought the controllers did that confused you. Also, I want to  reiterate that you shouldn't feel bad about this happening... you should just learn from your mistake to find a way to avoid it next time. This happened recently actually on a departure in the states recently... Anyone wanna step in and help me out? A small regional type jet I think was cleared to depart on one runway, and left on another runway who's threshold was nearby, but off by 30 degrees... runway was too short, and the pilots didn't notice they were on the wrong runway. They attempted to take off but crashed shortly after the attempt (I imagine due to not enough speed for flight).

CommAir flight out of Lexington, KY


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