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Title: My First Solo!!!
Post by: scorpia54 on April 27, 2009, 02:10:57 AM
Hi All,

Been a bit slow posting this but have been busy back at school.

Here in Australia I have just come off a 2 week easter break from school. On these holidays i flew my first solo.

I have been flying since I was just 13. I was initially flying monthly but now things are pregressing further i am flying fort-nightley. I have just turned 16.

It was a long time coming, it had taken me many, many weeks to organise medical certificates, Security clearance cards etc. Then when they finally came though the weather was no good for a few weeks. I finally got a flight in on Thursday the 9th of April, this was going to be the solo date. My instructor and i climbed into the Zenith CH2000 around 2pm. We went up and flew a few circuits. The first was a normal, second a flapless with an EFATO, then on the third a rain cloud that we were racing on downwind caught up with us on final. This ended up dumping a fair bit of water and the aircraft does not drain water well from the windscreen, this was a prob so we got the runway lights turned on. Still couldn't see a bloody thing though! So after a slow approach we stopped on the runway and had a chat, my instructor was sooo annoyed it had started to rain and didn't get me solo. Think he was actually more annoyed then me, so we decided just to taxi in and call it a day.

Then I booked a flight for the next Tuesday the 14th. Again was about 2pm, first circuit was normal, second flapless with EFATO and 3rd a glide. On this touch and go the instructor called rejected take off, so we left the runway. Then he basically said that those circuits were perfect and i was now to do 1 on my own! So to the run up bay i taxied, did my checks and called tower to tell them i was ready. They told me to line up and expect short delay for helicopter traffic. Once i lined up i searched for traffic, and was posatve there was NO traffic. So here is me all nervous on first solo sitting on the runway for 7 minutes, seemed like a lot longer though!

The single solo circuit was uneventful but a great time! Was the best feeling inside knowing you are the Pilot in Command!

Then Yesterday the 26th, went out there again. This time just did 2 normal circuits with instructor, then taxied back to the school and he jumped out. I was just told 2 be back just before 5! This game me about 40 minutes all by myself! So i went up and flew a half dozen or so normal circuits extending the odd leg for airline traffic.

Again this was a lot of fun and the coolest feeling!

Sorry to bore u with story but is a big step!

So what can i expect to do next after I get a few hours up in the circuit area?

PIC 1.0
Title: Re: My First Solo!!!
Post by: captray on April 27, 2009, 03:45:13 AM
First off congrats!! That is a big step, even though it was 30+ years ago for me I still remember it. Can't remember what I had for breakfast though...
In the States you would start working on cross country trips 50 nm or more and then night time opperations. Finally some simulated instrument time.
How do you like flying the Zenair? That is built in Canada I think.
Title: Re: My First Solo!!!
Post by: scorpia54 on April 27, 2009, 07:22:32 AM
How do you like flying the Zenair? That is built in Canada I think.

I don't mind it at all, simple and easy to fly. Have flown PA-28's, PA-38's, C150's and 172's so far. All nice aircraft.

As for the zenith, i would say it has slightly better performance that the Tomahawk PA-38 and the C150. Seat backrest is only adjustable and i am a bit short so is a little prob. Also visibility out the back? what visibility out the back? This can be a little prob sometimes, but u can always cheat off intrument! Biggest problem i have had wit it is when it rains. One the flight mentioned above where i was meant to go solo and the rain started there was a bit of a prob. The shape and design of the windscreen just did not get rid of the water, even travelling at speed on final it just sat there, could not c through the water. I requested for the lights to be turned on and this helped but was just a blurr of colour through the rain.

But overall is nice to fy, find though that in the run up checks the magnetos more often than not run rough, this can sometimes by avoided by winding mixture out an inch or so after startup but doesn't always work.

But yes overall pretty fun.

Look 4ward to some longer nav flights in a 172 though
Title: Re: My First Solo!!!
Post by: joshgammon on April 29, 2009, 02:26:21 AM
hey mate good on ya. im 19 and i just finished my 5 solo hours (circuits and training area) so im booked in to do my GFPT next week! where abouts do you fly? i fly out of jandakot in perth.
Title: Re: My First Solo!!!
Post by: scorpia54 on April 29, 2009, 06:15:26 PM
Yeah can't wait to pass my GFPT and take some passengers 2 the training area. I fly out of Maroochydore/Sunshine Coast. YBMC
Title: Re: My First Solo!!!
Post by: dave on April 29, 2009, 10:39:36 PM
Congrats!  A memorable occasion, for sure.  Fly safe.