Author Topic: Morristown tower can't see you behind the hill to the west?  (Read 7152 times)

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Morristown tower can't see you behind the hill to the west?
« on: November 29, 2011, 08:05:42 PM »
I previously posted this in a different part of the forum and was told to post it elsewhere. I guess that makes some people really really upset....oh well, anyways, here is my question.

Just wondering about other people that regularly fly to KMMU (Morristown, NJ) I have only flown there twice, it is a nice cross country from Harford County, MD (0W3) about 112 nm. Both times I have gone there, I approached KMMU from the Solberg VOR (SBJ). You have to dip down below 3,000ft to stay out of the NY Bravo and this puts a largish hill in-between you and the airport. Again, both times, the tower asked me to ident, couldn't see me, gave me a squawk code, couldn't see me, but then you pop up over that hill and you are about 4 miles away and then they see you on the radar. Is this typical for those of you who fly KMMU often? Is there a preferred approach to the airport that the tower likes pilots to use? I might be flying there more.

Example audio file is attached. I have shortened it down some. It isn't too long but if you listen to the whole thing, you will understand what I am talking about.
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