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KATL tower and ramp questions


Hello, I have been listening to LiveATC for several months and have been able to search for all of the phraseology that I don't understand except for two.

1. Taxi north from RWY 10-28 on Pink and Black from SC

I don't see Pink or Black on the KATL FAA airport diagram or anything that looks related near taxiways SC or R , but I have not heard any of the pilots ask any questions about these routes either.  I have heard the tower give out several taxi instructions like these:

* Taxi Pink hold short 27L
* Pink 3 9R
* Black 7 9R
* Black 7 27LDoes anyone know what these mean?

2. Ramp gives instructions to push back straight or at a 45.  Is this to enter different ramp lanes?  I have not been able to find any details on KATL ramp procedures.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.


The taxi routes are Standard Taxi Routes.  The idea is to save a lot of time on frequency giving the same taxi route over and over.  They are published in Jeppesen charts ($$ subscription required) and in NOTAMs.  I am unable to find the ones for KATL online at the moment since they are only published in the printed NOTAMs once.

Here's an article on the 45 pushback.  Delta claims it saves a few seconds on the pushback.  It depends on the gate geometry whether it is possible at all.  That the controller specifies it has to do with everyone being on the same page as to what the aircraft is going to do.


Thank you so much for your reply!  I was able to find the following article and image using some hints from your answer.

https://i.imgur.com/yG3sKWm.jpg (from Jeppesen)


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