Author Topic: Is it worth taking more fuel sometimes ?  (Read 5442 times)


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Is it worth taking more fuel sometimes ?
« on: September 04, 2014, 03:29:02 AM »
I am a french ATC working on a so called Free Route project but for the moment it is just a project which creates several new more direct routes. The aim is to allow to embark less fuel than the FPL route because the pilots are always given the more direct route possible by the ATC.
I wonder, is it worth to take more fuel in Dubai when you fly to Europe ?
It is difficult to know how much extra fuel will be consumed but I found that for an E145 15% of the extra fuel will be consumed on a 4 hour flight.
It is difficult to find jet fuel prices at airports.
What are the reasons to take more fuel than needed, is it often done ?

Regards, Greg.

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Re: Is it worth taking more fuel sometimes ?
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2014, 01:57:49 PM »
Wikipedia has an article called "Flight Planning", and one paragraph near the bottom called "Tankering Fuel", that should give you some ideas about what is involved.  It might save money to tanker if flying from an airport with low cost fuel to an airport with high cost fuel.

The cost saving would be less if it is a long distance between the airports due to the extra fuel consumed as you noted.  It may not make sense if the extra fuel weight would prevent adding extra passengers or cargo right before departure time.  Greater weight might mean flying at a lower altitude with turbulence or less favorable winds.  Flight planning software would have to know an operator's current fuel cost at each airport.  The dispatcher would consider the cost saving as one of many factors.