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How much info about IAP is known to controllers?

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I fly in the NJ/NY/CT area, my home airport being Lincoln Park (N07).  At this airport, and at others, two specific aspects of instrument approaches stand out to me, with regards to interaction with ATC:

1) the few times I have asked for an approach from a feeder (not the IAF), the controller has given me the impression that he/she thinks the approach cannot be flown from that point.

For the the RNAV (GPS) RWY 19 approach into N07

2) when cleared from ZASEB (again, have never been given the approach SAX even if I am going to fly over SAX), the instruction is always, "xx from ZASEB, maintain 3000 until established on the final approach course, cleared RNAV RWY 19 approach."

My questions, then:
1) is ATC aware of the presence and function of feeder routes? I ask this because I recently saw a 'cheat sheet' that was apparently used by ATC for various approaches, and feeder routes were not included. That, coupled with my experiences as a pilot lead me to that question.

2) specifically for the approach into N07, why am I always given 3k until established, when I'm being cleared from the IAF that allows 2700 after the IAF? Is there an operational benefit to this for ATC, or does THEIR documentation not include the 2700' segment between the IAF (ZASEB) and the IF (WANVA) ?

It seems to me the instruction could really be: "cross ZASEB at 3000, cleared approach"  (the distance not required since I'm not being vectored to the final approach course, but the altitude is required since I am on a random route to ZASEB, ie. being vectored to ZASEB).

This would require less radio time, and allow me to descend to 2700 after ZASEB.

None if this is a big deal...I just figured there are a few controllers (at least one from N90, too) who read these forums, and perhaps I could get their take on this.

Hmm, I'd like to add some more if I could.

How easy is it for a controller in N90 to look up a resource like this chart? The facilities I've visited have those neat touch screen monitors above their radars (there's a name for the system, but I forget what it is?) that allow them to view any chart (or anything, really) in seconds...

N90 is equipped with the same technology you describe

Keith--check your pm...

I think the equipment you are referring to is SA-IDS 4 or ACE IDS.  either way, you only have access to whatever is loaded into the system....


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