Author Topic: Helping pilots learn radio communications  (Read 7720 times)

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Helping pilots learn radio communications
« on: April 07, 2015, 06:16:53 AM »

I am a private pilot (VFR) based in France. I am particularly interested in communicating clearly over the radio as I believe this improves air safety and also helps pilots and ATCs better exchange information and intentions.
You may have noticed when flying or controlling, on VATsim, IVAO or in real life, that radio communications are often poor among VFR pilots. This can generate frustration, hog frequencies at the expense of other pilots and cause safety issues.
I have created what I believe is a world first : a multiplayer radio simulator, based on Flash. Its like Vatsim or Ivao but browser based. I am looking for 5 beta testers to try out this browser-based application. You need to have a PC and a headphone/microphone to be a beta tester. Please contact me with your email and skype id to improve aviation safety worldwide together!

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