Author Topic: Tampa, Fl "Gandy VFR Transition"  (Read 10451 times)

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Tampa, Fl "Gandy VFR Transition"
« on: December 21, 2013, 11:55:45 PM »
I live in Florida, USA. I drive past KTPA listening to LIVEATC.NET GND/TWR/APP for KTPA all the time. On many accounts, I have heard a VFR aircraft requesting the "Gandy Transition through the bravo".

I was not aware that KTPA had any VFR Transitions. I have searched in many places including the TAC but cannot find the transition anywhere. Any help? Thanks!

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Re: Tampa, Fl "Gandy VFR Transition"
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 01:56:40 AM »
As a frequent flyer of this airspace, Tampa has two non published procedures to transition the surface Class B. One is mainly for fixed wing and the other is for helicopters. The procedure for airplane is to be vectored at 2,100 or 2,600 to overfly RWY 10-28 at TPA. ATC will likely instruct you to fly directly over the centerline. After completion, ATC will provide you with a heading and frequency change. Fly this course precisely, there are many arrivals & departures out of TPA and nearby airports all around.

The Gandy Transition is for helicopters working in and around the class B. The procedure is to the fly along the Gandy bridge at/below 500 feet. Sometimes instead of the Gandy Transition (esp. for photo flights), ATC will have the helicopter cross RWY 1L & RWY 1R. Listen very carefully for the clearance and read it back. They may want you to cross at a certain spot (i.e. approach or departure end).