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Every year on the 20th of October, to honour the professionals who work as Air Traffic Controllers, the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller is commemorated. It's also a day to learn more about an Air Traffic Controller's career and profession. Air Traffic Controllers aid commercial flying and looks into everything from safety to efficiency. Experts in this specialised profession raise awareness on the occasion of the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller so that others can honour their behind-the-curtain efforts.

Every day, over 100,000 planes take off and land all around the world, according to the National Day Calendar. Over 4 billion passengers fly by air in a single year. Air traffic controllers are significantly responsible for the safety of air travel. On the ground at airport runways, these specialists direct air traffic. The movement of planes through airspace is also monitored and directed by air traffic controllers. Pilots are also given landing and takeoff commands by the Air Traffic Controllers.


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