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Title: Drones/Laser Pens
Post by: Twocky61 on December 29, 2018, 04:26:48 AM
Recently in the news, there has been the debate about drones flying into controlled airspace & laser pens, being directed at the cockpit of aircraft, thus temporarily blinding a pilot

Taking laser pens first:

Could cockpit windscreen glass be smoked, like some drivers have in their cars? Thus preventing laser pens being shone into cockpits?

Now to drones:

Obviously drones should be licensed as a matter of course.

Would it be possible, to have a device in the cockpit, that, when it detects a drone, it could electronically disable it (like shooting it down with a missile lol)

I personally would love a missile launcher to shoot the fkrs down lol but would the CAA allow it? I guess not