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dep frequency within the NY Tracon

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I fly out of N07, a non-towered field just outside the KCDW Delta airspace. When departing IFR, most of the time, the dep freq is 119.20, one of the TRACON freqs.  Other times, the dep freq in the IFR clnc is Caldwell tower.

So, you depart on the CTAF 122.80, then swap to CDW twr, who, with some luck will know what you're up to, and are then sent to the dep freq.

My question is this...under what circumstances will the dep freq be CDW TWR, vs the TRACON? 

Each time I've talked to CDW, they've never had any traffic advisories for me (not surprising since they can't release N07 and CDW deps at the same time), so I'm not sure what the value is in being sent to CDW TWR freq.

I'm not complaining about this, just curious what makes them decide to use one frequency over another.

Looking at the NY TAC, it seems like if you depart rwy 19, you will be flying almost immediately into the CDW class Delta airspace. Regardless of whether they have anything to say to you, you must be in two-way radio contact to enter the airspace. Unless I'm missing something...


to go along with mkop's response, is there a chance that when you are flying IFR and departing 19, that by the time you hit KCDW's Delta airspace you won't be above the ceiling of the Delta? If so, that could be why they're sending you to CDW on departure, letting them handle your Delta services, then getting you to N90.

Departing runway 1 would always get you to the TRACON, at least from looking at the TAC.



--- Quote from: mkop on February 04, 2009, 09:40:21 AM ---Regardless of whether they have anything to say to you, you must be in two-way radio contact to enter the airspace. Unless I'm missing something...

--- End quote ---

Actually it is pretty common, at least in the Northeast US, for a surrounding ATC facility to work transient or inbound IFR aircraft for class D towers, at least up to a point.   There is no requirement that the aircraft actually has to be handed off to class D simply for "two-way radio contact"  (this for transient aircraft, not landing IFR aircraft, of course).   

Based on my understanding (and experience - any ATC folks please correct)  the coordination happens between the surrounding ATC facility and the tower off frequency (land line?).

The ODP from the airport only allows for deps off rwy 19, and it's runway heading to 1000ft. You definitely transition the delta.  IFR deps and arrivals appear to be coordinated with CDW twr by TRACON either way.

I've been vectored through the CDW delta during a visual into Lincoln Park. Prior to IFR cancellation, I asked if I could continue through the Delta and the TRACON guy (sounding a bit annoyed) told me it was already coordinated. (See this video: http://keith.tristesse.com/object/approaches_with_stuart.html?showVideos=true during the last interaction with ATC prior to arrival back home)

The question remains...why is the departure frequency sometimes TRACON, and other times, CDW twr? 


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