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I am a private pilot who recently flew into the Washington DC ADIZ for the first time. Although it was less complicated than I thought it would be, I was surprised at the unprofessionalism of the controller who gave us our entry transponder code. I was flying a new LSA, and I wouldn't have been surprised at a few questions about its capabilities, but the controller wanted to know stuff like the GPH and seating before he would give us a code. Has anyone had a problem like that in the ADIZ, or any odd situation that you would like to talk about?

Perhaps he was just interested in your specific aircraft.  Many of us controllers are pilots also.  He was probably just interested in an aircraft that was new to him.  We are not required to ask any questions for ADIZ entry.  If the appropriate flight plan is in the system correctly, you get your code and enter.

What was so unprofessional with the questions anyway?

I just thought it was unprofessional because all this time we were waiting for our transponder code. He kept asking us these questions while we were circling over Brook VOR waiting for permission to enter.

I wouldn't have minded him asking questions, especially because it is a new plane that I, myself, didn't know much about before I had a chance to fly one. I just think that our transponder code should have taken precident over what brand of glass panel it had.

He was probably killing time while simultaneously retrieving your code from the computer.  There are many variables involved here and saying he was unprofesional seems unreasonable.  Most pilots are happy to share details of their aircraft.

What kind of plane is it?

Ever seen the Icon A5?


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