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Sounds like you better not ask any questions about it!!

Well, I am neither a controller nor in the air at the moment. I think it would be perfectly reasonable to ask here.
A clearance does not depend on it.

Keep in mind that if you miss your "valid" time for your flight plan, (I am assuming you filed one.) then he will ask you a couple questions about your aircraft. Is it possible you confused GPH with remaining fuel on board and # of seats with # of passengers?  Those would certainly be legit questions. Like others have said maybe he was just curious. An easy way to tell if they didn't have your flight plan is if your discrete code starts with a zero, and this takes a few secs to a minute or so to pull up.

On a side note I fly out of KHEF on a regular basis and as far as controllers go, these guys are great!  I love to hear Potomac Approach when returning. It's like a welcome home greeting!

Switch Monkey:
Potomac Approach and the tower crew at DCA are the ROCK stars of ATC IMHO


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