Author Topic: ATCO Non Technical Skills research study - please take part!  (Read 5450 times)

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I work in the human performance team in NATS and am completing a self funded MSc about air traffic control operators non-technical skills (the social and cognitive skills that complement technical skills, such as teamwork and decision making).

The purpose of this survey is to gather personal insights about how non-technical skills are trained and assessed in ANSPs. Non-technical skills are the cognitive, social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills and contribute to safe and effective performance.

I would like to invite you to take part in the study, attached is a short questionnaire (20 minutes) about your experience of training and assessment of non-techncial skills - I am really interested in your thoughts and experience!

The study is open to anyone with experience as an ATCO from any ANSP.

The link provides more detail on the study, including how your data will be used.

I will happily update this post with my findings if you are interested, incase you don't want to share your email address on the form.

Thank you for your time.