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that`s right, the std aviation regulation of the world, icao, faa, jaa, caa. says that the top in one year, 365 days  of hour of an airline pilot is 900 hrs, 270 in 3 months and 30 in a week.

in my job in Venezuela we make 800 hrs per year in dc 9`s and in a jet is too much, in a turboprop acft is a normal ride because is a slower type of plane. but 2244 in 13 months? no way

a pilot with 2244 hrs as f/o in a dash 8? i don't think so, dash 8 is not a difficult acft .with easier systems than the dash 7 and more efficients flight controls. the normal rating to upgrade a pilot of dash 8 to the left side is almost 1.800 hrs with  recently experience in prop light acft


I use the concept of how fast the ice accretes to determine the severity of ice (using an observation of normally a few minutes at most), since all ice accretion above a trace left to continue building would eventually become extreme.  Thus, it is how fast it builds in a few minutes, not how large the accretion eventually becomes

Good contribution, thanks for sharing.


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