Author Topic: Bravo Airspace VFR -- Enter, leaving, radio termination  (Read 13212 times)

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Bravo Airspace VFR -- Enter, leaving, radio termination
« on: September 08, 2015, 02:11:56 AM »
Dear brothers,,

   I just buy comm1 (radio simulator) software. I have question regarding Class Bravo Airspace, but the seller said that they "just" sell software, doesn't have an idea with lesson inside it. :D (hahaha)  I've search in other topic, but there is only 3 topic which discussed about B airspace and they talking about how to get clearance B airspace.

   Let's begin to my 1st issue regarding radar service termination request by plane.
   Comm1 software said that there is 3 possibility / condition after departure in class B/C airspace which end with "radar service termination":
      1. If APP control were overload, they will immediately give adjacent frequency (center control). If they do, you can contact center control or continue flying on your own. (Squawking VFR / 1200)
      2. Normal hand-off. "Contact center control on xxx.x for traffic advisory, good day"
      3. The last possibility is you may choose to terminate flight following and continue on your own. Once you have left the airspace, you can request termination.

   The Question:
      1. "Continue flying on your own (squawking 1200)". As we know we are still in Bravo airspace, how come they leave us "flying on my own with squawk 1200"..??

      2. As we know that Bravo airspace has bottom & top ceilling. How if I climb to above B airspace (but below A airspace) and request radar service termination..?? Has anyone have experience with this (VFR)..??

      3. How if I want to descent above B airspace until below bravo airspace (just passing B airspace vertically)..?? Of course I need to hear the magic words "clear into bravo airspace, squawk xxxx". Then, after I fly below B airspace, could I request radar service termination..??

      4. For point number 2. Could I still request flight following..?? (above B airspace) What the advantage for pilot to having it..??

Thanks & Regard.   ;-)   :-D :-)
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Re: Bravo Airspace VFR -- Enter, leaving, radio termination
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Re: Bravo Airspace VFR -- Enter, leaving, radio termination
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2015, 07:41:55 AM »
I would encourage you not to try to understand everything referencing only the comm simulator.

This would be a good time to get some practical experience flying in and around the Class B by taking lessons.  If you are flying out of MDW you will get plenty of radio work.  Also, you will have an instructor right there who can help you understand anything that comes up, including the interactions between the Class B controller and other aircraft that aren't directed to you.

Also, remember Aviate Navigate Communicate.  The radio comes after.

If I am near a busy airport I will take all the flight following I can get.  It helps you, but it also helps the controller because they know who you are, where you are going, and can talk you around other traffic if need be, instead of having "unidentified traffic" at someone's ten o clock.
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