Author Topic: LOOKING FOR TRAINEES (FAILED) IN OJT  (Read 17188 times)

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Hello all,

I am a Master's student at Cranfield University and I am conducting research concerning challenges in the ATC on-the-job training (OJT). The aim of this research is to investigate why trainees fail during the on-the-job training.

I am urgently looking for 10 trainees in OJT and ex-trainees who failed during OJT who are willing to have a 30-40 minute Skype interview with me. You and your data will be kept anonymous and confidential!

The semi-structured interview consists of 5 questions regarding the experiences you had during the on-the-job training.

I would be most grateful if you would be willing to help me. Please leave me a private message.

Thank you.

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Well, your mileage may vary, but when I hit the academy I was also hit by criminals of several varieties. Drug dealers, extortionists, and outright thieves. I had a heck of a time there and it ultimately affected my performance in class, so much so that I couldn't recognize a radio failure when it hit me...So I didn't pass Okc... All that after 2 years as an rated army approach controller. Go figure.

They knew we had money and made us all targets. My suggestion. Take your spouse with you and make sure you minimize contact with the locals. Some of the Texans made sure they had firearms with them, up to you though.