Author Topic: 100 Years Air Traffic Control 1922 thru 2022 an incomplete history  (Read 12308 times)

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found this fascinating.

On the occasion of 100 Years of Air Traffic Control in 2022, the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations, IFATCA, commissioned a book that examines how air traffic control started and changed over the past century.

Air traffic control was not invented. It evolved out of necessity, following hindsight-realisations that aviation could be made safer and more efficient. In many cases, the trigger was one or more accidents that created a need to improve.

The book does not aim to be an all-encompassing, detailed account but looks key events that shaped our profession to what it is today.

To avoid the risk and hassle of inventory and fulfilment logistics, IFATCA decided to use the Print-On-Demand network of Ordering one or more copies of the book is a simple process through their website.

The price of a single copy of the book is ± 30 USD. Discounts are available for 100 copies or more. This is the printing cost, i.e. there is no profit margin for IFATCA and/or the authors. has various shipping options available. Depending on your country, sales tax and/or import duty may be charged.

For larger quantities, shipping to certain regions/countries may be cheaper if you split the order (e.g. 2 x 50 instead of 100 copies)