Author Topic: LinkedIn story about the RI at JFK  (Read 14271 times)

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LinkedIn story about the RI at JFK
« on: January 27, 2023, 05:50:41 AM »
Would love to hear from any pilots on this.

As far as is emerging from news about RI at JFK it seems that American Airlines Flight 106 crew, which was involved in the runway incursion, was flying its first flight with new cockpit's procedures.
A new procedures introduced January the 2nd, 35-page bulletin that changes procedures. If confirmed, an implementation that had modified procedures through a 35-page bulletin #training in a 65- page manual rather than through in person training. New cockpit's procedures including changes to cockpit communications during critical events.
Furthermore it is reported that Allied Pilots Association had appealed the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval before the incident.
Without going into the merits of what is being reported by news sites these days, the topic deserves attention. The implementation of new procedures in complex activities must always be evaluated with great caution. In-person training is always the best method even if it involves a higher cost of resources. A complete and accurate informative dissemination allows a correct and safe application by the operators. Interpretative doubts, on the other hand, can have repercussions in the practical application of the new procedures. Causing, among other things, an increase in the workload due to uncertainty.