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Airports who NEVER TALK.

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I was listening to a airport (I won't say which one cause I live by it..) and It was been a hour, they Said NOTHING!!! still listening, been about 50 mins since i tuned in, NO TALKInG!!! >.<

Are you sure the feed is healthy?    If so, go to Flightaware.com and see if there are any scheduled inbounds or outbounds for the airport.

And finally, how come you won't mention the airport?  Afraid someone is going to show up at your door discouraged that you have dissed your home airport?   :-)

Well first of al  it's small. and Really close. but anyways, i saw a plane, that LANDED, I heard no chatter. it said Flight *blah blah blah, Forgot the name* Has Landed, when I was tracking it, but i heard ABSOLUTELY NO CHATTER!

the airport is KTOL. Read what i wrote.


--- Quote from: mounsteres on December 15, 2008, 07:33:54 PM ---the airport is KTOL. Read what i wrote.

--- End quote ---

And how exactly were you tracking it? FlightAware?



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