Author Topic: HOW TO UNDERSTAND American Pilots and Controllers !?!?  (Read 10663 times)

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HOW TO UNDERSTAND American Pilots and Controllers !?!?
« on: March 29, 2012, 11:00:40 AM »
Good MOrnin TO all.
I´m From Brazil and studyn to get my ICAO Proficiency English and to do That i´m trainning my ears to understand what is goin on in my audio test and not just for it, trainning to get a good awareness at all. Right.
For All the things i´ve read about ICAO phraseology all says that to have a good compreension and no missunderstandin the ATC COM should be slowly enough to have a good COM between all members Involved.
The point is: IS the NATIVE English language Pilots/COntrollers concerned about good COM with the others pilots/Controlers ?
I´ve Been HEaring ATC JFK and notice some Asian/arabian Pilots Totally LOST with HOW FAST the ATC controllers pass his Info to then and Worst ! Only few controllers Speed Down the words to make an easy compreension even knowing the pilots difficulties.
MAybe what i´m talking here makes no sense just because i never flew to US and i´m not accustomed to hear...but one thing is you have to agree: They Say SO FAST !!! (laugh)

thanks to readin !

Have a Good day !


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Re: HOW TO UNDERSTAND American Pilots and Controllers !?!?
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2012, 11:02:24 AM »
Hola Mario--

I am a radar approach controller for JFK. JFK can be very busy and has some of the most complex airspace in the US if not the world. We don't get aircraft lined up like other facilities do-- we get two and three way ties continuously during our busiest periods and line them up ourselves for our final controller in what space we have. Did I say we get busy? So yes NY controllers are known for talking fast. But a lot of us do try to slow it down for certain foreign airlines who are less familiar with the English language as well as pilots who seem to be having difficulty.

Good luck.


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Re: HOW TO UNDERSTAND American Pilots and Controllers !?!?
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2012, 05:00:50 PM »
Hi Mario,
     I am the feed provider for KEZM, Heart of Georgia Regional Airport. It's great to hear that you're taking the initiative to listen in on American airports to become more proficient in English radio transmissions. I should let you know though that often, students should be aware that when listening to larger airports, (KJFK, KATL, KLAX, KLGA, etc.) frequently pilots do not use proper radio procedures (enough to get by, but they could really foul up a student's radio skills :?). It's almost like listening to rap music to learn how to talk :-o. While I do see it to be beneficial to listen to these large airports to get used to the speed at which the pilots and controllers talk, I would listen to some smaller airports where everyone speaks a little slower and doesn't use as much "slang". I hope this is of help to you, and good luck in your training!

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Re: HOW TO UNDERSTAND American Pilots and Controllers !?!?
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2012, 09:56:34 AM »
Hi Mario,

You might want to listen to the audio from PilotEdge. Click the 'listen to sample audio' link on the home page, pick a date in the past (ie, not today), then download the 'all day' recording for one of the controlling positions.

There are two advantages to using this for study purposes:
1) all the silences are removed from the recordings, so they move along very quickly
2) the clarity of the recordings is generally very high, making it ideal for ICAO English proficiency

PilotEdge is a network that provides ATC service for a range of flight simulators. What you're hearing in those recordings are the interactions between the pilots and the PilotEdge controllers.

You may want to consider flying on the network to take your training to the next level, but at the very least, I think you might find it helpful to simply make use of our free audio recordings to help with your training.