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ZOB Setup
« on: September 02, 2006, 03:12:51 PM »
Ok since we now have 3 feeders of ZOB I was thinking of PIT's feed of ZOB EAST could be 132.125,135.175,125.425,121.075,119.725,and 133.075. The newest of ZOB could be set up as 120.075,134.775,132.925,134.125, 120.325,133.375,and 119.875. Lastly Blizzards ZOB WEST FEED could be 126.525,133.875,133.525,135.725,119.325,and 127.675. If we could get a ZOB NE feed of 119.375,128.025,120.625,and 118.625(possibly by the BUF feeder we would have a complete high level coverage of a whole center. BUT LETS TRY AND GET THE NEW ZOB FEEDER TO ADD 120.325(VERY IMPORTANT FREQUENCY TO HAVE INCLUDED IN HIS/HER FEED
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