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ZOA Oakland Center 35/40/41

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At times the volume on this feed is so low its barely audible. Both controllers and planes. Other times fine. Not sure if  it is usual reception issues, or some other


Squawk 7700:
The audio cable into the soundcard was most likely not making good contact with the pins?

When I removed then reseated the audio plug into the soundcard the volume was restored back to normal loudness.

Thank you diskus and Chananya for the heads up!


Sounds great thanks! :-D


Ive noticed a loud buzzing on BSR2 133.95 the last few days. Maybe just interference, but tough to follow.

Thanks again

Squawk 7700:
I moved the radios for ZOA Sector 35/40/41 to an alternate antenna. The signal is better on 134.15 now.
I'll look into moving the approach feeds to the other antenna as well which includes 133.95.
Thanks diskus and Chananya for the signal checks!


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