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ZNY56/N90 Feed Status
« on: November 15, 2013, 01:36:59 PM »
Due to ZNY removing the current transmitter site for ZNY56 (Kennedy High - 125.325), we decided to split up the coverage of N90-Liberty West (124.75) and N90-Liberty South (120.85). The split was effective about 0430z 11/14. There is no longer a ZNY56 feed until they perm relocate the transmitter. Hopefully it'll be within listening shot from my house!
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Feed Provider:
ZBW Boston Center (RKA10)
ZBW Boston Center (ART08/UCA09)
KEWR Twr/Gnd/Cl Dl
N90-EWR (Dep/ARD/North/MUGZY)
N90-Liberty (S)
N90-Liberty (W)