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ZNY, PHL Twr/Gnd/Clr or PHL App/Dep?


PHL Approach:
Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to ask the listeners out there which feed they would rather have first. Since I'm a bit short on money, I can't go out and get more sound cards and base scanners. So I can only use my portable for one feed for now. So my question is what would the listeners rather have first a PHL Tower with hopefully Ground and Clearance feed, New York Center Sectors, or a new PHL App/ Dep feed with probably PNE Tower. I do see the PHL App/Dep feed is back up, still not to happy with it. Please let me know, any feedback is appreciated!

Take it easy,

HI ED..good to hear of your progress !!    as a keen listner and viewer of phl. my vote would be your first suggestion Tower ..Ground ...Clearance  
 The feed already up on the site for APP/DEP while not great ,is workable..
I dont know if Dave plans to continue with it ...if he can he should..Looking forward to your new  feed ..  Akb


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