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Fare Well, Berlin Tempelhof 30.10.2008
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“Goodbye Tempelhof”

A “Goodbye Tempelhof” gala was held at Tempelhof airport for eight hundred invited guests in the last hours of October 30th, 2008. Meanwhile protesters against the closing held a candle vigil in front on the Platz der Lufbrücke. The last commercial flight was a Cirrus Airlines Dornier 328 that departed at 22:17 towards Mannheim.

 “Time to say goodbye” was sung to the spectators on the tarmac at the conclusion. At precisely four and a half minutes before midnight the last two airplanes – a historical Junkers Ju 52 and an airlift “raisin bomber” Douglas DC-3 – took off in parallel, waved their wings, and flew off south-east to Schönefeld airport. The runway and air field lights were switched off at midnight.

Three small airplanes flying under VFR were left stranded at the airport, as weather conditions prevented them from taking off on October 30. They were allowed to take off on November 24, 2008, making them for now the last take offs from the airport.

Fare Well, Berlin Tempelhof (Photo: AP/Markus Schreiber)

BERLIN AIRLIFT, 1948. An American C-54 transport aircraft about to land at Templehof airport during the Berlin Airlift, 1948.
© Henry Ries / The New York Times / DHM.

Junkers JU 52
Berlin-Tempelhof: Letzter Funkspruch / Last Call - ATC Audio

Berlin Airlift short video (copy URL to a new tab)



Berlin Airlift Monument

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