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ZID University 120.57


I'm trying to get the feed from this past Friday, 9/29/22 from 0730-0830z from 120.57
We had a lot of conversation with the controller as well as multiple aircraft.
I found my handoff from a separate freuqeuncy to 120.57 just after 0730z, but can't seem to find the feed from there and later. 

Can anyone help? I've listened to a few hours of ZID sectors, and confirmed last night with another Indy controller that 120.57 is University High.
...but can't seem to find the transmissions.

Thanks in advance for the help.  We were EJA 764.

A few things don’t make sense here. University High Sector is 125.075 not 120.575. Did you mean 125.075 ? Also EJA 764 was not operating at the time 0730Z-0830Z. Did you mean a different time or a different flight number. If it was EJA 764 was it eastbound or westbound, as both legs passed through ZID ?

Well the only thing I'm not sure about is that I was with University High.  The rest is not in question for me.

We were talking with Indy Center on 120.57 from about 0740-0830UTC.  I did just notice that I miswrote the date Friday 9/29... But it was actually the Friday the 30th.  I have been searching the right date and time, but not sure what sector controls freq 120.57.  I did have someone tell me it was likely Dayton High? But can't find that anywhere.

Ah okay, I was looking at the 29th, but got you now on the 30th. 120.575 is the Dayton sector but does not appear to be covered by LiveATC. However at that time of night Dayton was combined with 124.525 Muncie Low which is covered by LiveATC and the controller side of the conversation can be heard. Strange lights, can you elaborate on what you saw ?


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