Author Topic: Help! Anybody listening August 16th hear about KORD ground stop? I'm stranded!!  (Read 4295 times)

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Sorry for this less than appropriate use of the message boards but I've been sitting on an AAL flight at the gate at KLAS for 3 hours now.  I'm hungover and sleep deprived (twas a good weekend) and I'm trying to catch a flight on to my final dest. KLGA but we're getting rumors, hearsay, and the runaround from the pilots/dispatch/LAS clearance/other ATC/you name it on when we're taking off.

There are no seats available tomorrow on outbound flights so I'm either stuck in Vegas until Tuesday(!) or I'm sleeping in ORD tonight if I miss the KLGA.

If anyone hears anything about ORD in your leisurely listening today, especially a lift in the ground stop, would you mind posting?  It'll help me determine at what point I should get back on the 50 minute wait for AAL reservations operator.

The only blessing is, as you can see, I'm picking up the LAS terminal free wireless and I'm sitting in an exit row window seat with a power port on a brand spanking new 737-800...Gleaming silver outside and new-car smell inside! It's a beauty, to be sure.

Thanks for reading and helping guys! I wouldn't ask if I had the money to spend 2 more nights in Vegas or if I didn't start the 2nd year of medical school tomorrow at 9AM.....

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We have a line of thunderstorms moving through the Chicago area now.

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LGA via ORD.  Ouch!  I'm sure there are worse connections, but they are all within driving distance of NYC.  Hope you make it.