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ZLA Sector 31- can hear pilots but not the controller.

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On the ZLA Sector 31 feed, I can only hear the pilots talking. No communication from the ATC can be heard. Is the source for the feed out of range from the ATC?

Chananya Freedman:
 this is a frequency i am not familiar with. i will try to do some more digging. 

Yes, please let me know if you find out the cause of the issue.

The most likely cause is that the feed site is too far away from the ATC transmitter site.  Have you heard the controllers on this feed before or has it always been pilot-side only?

In the last 3 weeks that I have been listening to this feed, initially, I could hear communication both ways. Then it changed to where I could only hear the pilots. Now, I can hear mostly the controller, maybe sometimes the pilots, but a lot of heavy static.

I don't know if the location of the transceiver changed. Are feed providers regularly checked for quality?


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